The legend of troy

the legend of troy

Mit Warriors - Legends of Troy (LoT) verlässt man einige der ausgetretenen Wege. So begibt man sich erstmals auf westliche Mythenpfade. Sorry about the sound old capture card that sometimes did not record the sound or did not sync the sound. Warriors Legends of Troy Fight between Achilles and Hector. Contrary to popular belief, the "Iliad" does not end with the destruction of Troy but with a temporary truce after which the fighting presumably continues. However, the gods intervene to break up the duel before it is finished and the war continues. The city that may have been the Troy mentioned by Homer belongs to two other phases that date between roughly B. Some researchers have speculated that these treasures were not found all in one hoard but were rather precious objects, from across the site, which Schliemann kostenloses autorennen spielen over a number of weeks. Legends of Troy Action-Adventure. Während man bei den Dynasty Warriors meist eine Figur wählt und dann ihrer Kampagne folgt, geht LoT den entgegengesetzten Weg:


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