What does handicap mean in betting

what does handicap mean in betting

The purpose of the handicap markets is for the perceived weaker team to be given a theoretical head start on which basis betting takes place, with the odds on. Guide To How Handicap Betting Works - one of the most popular bets on football, handicap markets are You are probably wondering what that all means. How does handicap betting work? This generally goal start. This means that for your handicap bet to win, Liverpool must win the match by two clear goals. Almost all events in points or goals-based sports now have a handicap market. Oklahoma state tulsa know your limits and gamble responsibly. Effectively, the odds are implying a seven-point differential between the teams. Leeds would have needed to score as many goals as the handicap in order for your bet to pay. The handicap is applied to the final result of the match and the team with the most goals after the handicap has been applied will be the winner. Scripting must be enabled to use this site. what does handicap mean in betting


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